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Petite Jolie
We believe that fashion is the best way to express your identity and embrace your own causes.
Petite Jolie
Petite Jolie
Through the colors we allow ourselves to dare, invent and translate trends in a way that matches our personality, and our consumers.
We are super connected, and always tuned to our fans wishes: what they like, asked for and desire.

We followed internet rhythm and we think it is amazing the power this tool has, making our relations so much easier!
Petite Jolie
Petite Jolie
Here, researchs turns into talks, and then insights, and to projects that transform wishes in realily.
Somos intensos, autênticos, de verdade
A brand that lives to inspire and Bring color bring color to women?s life, made by people
who love what they do.
Petite Jolie

Know Aniger Group

Petite Jolie is part of Aniger Group, a company with more than 20 years in the market focused on making available comfort, quality and technical accuracy for keeping the success of the brands. Besides the administrative center, located in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, the manufacturing is made at Ceará. Welcome to our world!
Know Aniger Group Know Aniger Group Know Aniger Group Know Aniger Group


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